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Message from the president

We at Robic Group want to be a part of our customer’s success. For over 29 years, we have acknowledged that our very existence depends on customer satisfaction.

We are able to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations by using a very successful mix of engineering, quality, worldwide capabilities and pride in our workmanship.

Through our highly valued strength in engineering, we find the optimal solution for your particular needs. This would include the choice of materials and processes and an understanding of the most economical way to deliver that solution. Our commitment to you starts with the quote and our engineering involvement, which can result in substantial savings for you. The earlier we get involved in the project, the more cost effective and robust a solution we are able to deliver.

Further, to allow you more choice we offer manufacturing capabilities in-house or through our global supplier base. Irrespective of the source, we stand behind the parts we provide. By ensuring sufficient inventory in-house, we can guarantee JIT delivery to you. Our structured operating system incorporates ISO 9001:2015 for our manufactured parts and we ensure that all our suppliers also have ISO 9001:2015 registered quality systems or better.

We have a steady and dedicated workforce that guarantees us constant good quality. We work with pride, because we feel that if you are not proud of your work then that work is not up to the high standard that today’s automotive industry requires.

Beyond our standard manufactured parts offering, we can design and build custom machines for your particular part. Customized solutions also allow you to benefit from the lower overall costs while still achieving the high quality we are recognized for.

We at Robic Group take great pride in our jobs and take great satisfaction in exceeding our customers’ expectations. We want to be seen as a solution provider rather than a parts supplier. As such, when organizing our company, we feel we have implemented the best of elements of a family run business and a global automotive parts competitor. This gives us the rigid structure to have an effective system for quality and efficiency and at the same time makes us nimble to market conditions while giving us flexibility. How does this affect our customers? It means you can be confident that we are big enough to support your needs and small enough to care.


– Ivan Robic