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Our main business is producing / sourcing automotive parts from steel tubing. Additionally, we manufacture / source machined, cold headed and wire components. We have highly skilled personnel who can fabricate custom components whether simple or complex to meet your specific requirements. Our parts can be found in Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Lexus & Toyota vehicles. If you are looking for quality parts or solutions, Robic Group is your answer.


Tubular Components

Robic Group’s first order was for spacers for the Ford Econoline. Since then, we have supplied over 100 million spacers to the automotive sector. Our parts can be found in a variety of automobile and truck manufacturers. From the economical to the exotic, we can supply the tubular parts that you need.

At the quoting stage we will work with you to determine the best type of tubing and the optimal method of production. We can work with “half defined” CAD models and develop a final drawing with tolerances you may need for future use.

Our Tubular Parts offering includes:

  • Bushings and similar parts
  • Swaged Tubing
  • Pre-cut tubing (forming done by you)
  • Bent tubing
  • Formed tubing (pieces flattened)
  • Tubes with secondary machining operations

Machined Components

For “odd” shaped parts that can only be produced economically on specialty machinery we should be your first choice. If there is a possibility of use of powder metal parts (very economical solution for complex parts) we will suggest that, we can also supply them from our broad base of global manufacturers in Asia.

We can supply “difficult” stampings such as ones shown (heavy stamping [13 mm material thickness], extrusion with thread, deep draw parts etc. ). We have engineering expertise to suggest the best possible solution and we have global network of manufacturers that can deliver that

Cold Headed Components

Supplying cold heading was a natural extension of our tubular business. We started with tube shaped cold headings with weld projections. Today we supply the automotive industry with over 10 million cold headed parts per year. From simple to complex, our machinery and processes are able to tackle a wide variety of jobs. We offer up to 6 station cold heading machines and secondary operations.

When using our global partners, we leverage our outstanding relationships to be your local source for parts uncompromised on quality, timeliness and dependability. Predictably, many of our existing customers have realized significant savings when deciding to use Robic Group to source overseas manufactured parts. When choosing globally sourced parts, you can have all the advantages of high quality competitively

Wire Components

Our most recent venture is into the word of wire parts. We listened to our customer demands and we began to import parts made from wire such as muffler hangers, braces and similar parts. Again, we have a very high comfort level with our supplier network. Their strength rests with many years of automotive experience, ISO 9001:2015 certification and competitive pricing.

This really coupled with our own rigorous inspection and stocking capabilities will give you a significant advantage compared to the traditional North American supplier base. Let us be your local supplier of globally sourced parts.

Commitment to Quality

Robic Group has been registered to the ISO/QS quality system since 1998. At the time of registration Robic Group was a determined 7 person company and very few companies of this size were registered to ISO/QS. We are now a very strong and ambitious 20+ person company upgrading our system to ISO 9001:2015.

Much of our success is credited to our commitment and dedication in maintaining these strict quality standards. We had an early understanding that the sooner we started to work within a standardized quality system, the more time we would have to perfect our processes and satisfy our customers well before were required to do it.

We can proudly say that from the beginning, quality was our top priority and it remains the same today.

Dedication to producing quality products is part of every department and every employee. From quoting through manufacturing to delivery we take pride in our work. Not only do we provide quality products but also we provide a quality service that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations. Quality is a way of life at Robic Group.

Specialized measuring tools are used in our QA department to ensure accurate reading

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.